Monday, March 9, 2009

love ??? does it exist??? is it true???
i have never believed in love!! i used 2 think that its not true !
ive always loved 2 play around!
jst play!!
guys at my school and out of my school always had a crush on me !
i know im pretty..
im not beautifel ,, but i have that thing that turned all heads 2 me !
my hair is wavey more like curly,, ive got hazel eyes,, i have this look that makes u fall 4 me in a second !! (a)
im not tall but not short ! i have curves but thin!
so im wanted ! for my beauty, my body, and my personaliity !
i dont have enemies cuz im friendly,,

i told u abt me ! but i didnt tell u my name ! ;p
my name is lolwa,, but my friends call me lulu,,

i went to a private mixed school !!
it was one of the best schools in the country,,
me, my 3 brothers and 3 of my cuzins go 2 that scool..
my parents wanted the best 4 us,, so they took us there !

as i love 2 call her.. >> noury..
my cuzin,, my best friend and a sister 2 me !!!!
shes jst like my age..
shes so beautiful,, taller and has a sstraight long black hair,,
we r always 2gether!!!! i love her so much and she loves me even more!
i cant imaagine my life without her by my side!!
we went through every thing! ;p
crazy moments ! ups and downs ! ;p
and our wildest adventures !! especially in sleepovers ! ;p
shes the person on earth that i trust ! she know every thing abt me ! and i know every thing abt her!;p
her crazy crushes ! ;p
and her stupid but funny stories!
we go 2 the same school.
since we were in kg !

until one day,,
the bell rang,, we're heading 2 the door,,
as always a redbull in my hand ! ;p
and a pepsi in noury's hand..
outside waiting 4 the driver 2 bring the car..
i sow him with his friends!
never seen him in school ! he doesnt go there a9lan!!!
ma gedart ashel 3aini 3ana ! he was so HOTT!!!
ee ee !! ana ily i dont believe in love ! o i dont think ina it exists thinking ina he is SO HOTT !!!!!
noury was talking 2 me ! bs madri shitgol mo mintabha 3aliha ! ana imtan7a ib that guy o ihya tagreg! ;p
faj2a she was like HEY HEY IM TALKING 2 U!!!! ;@
and i was like huh? sorry !;p
omg noury look at him !!!
6ab3an in9admat! cuz mo no3i i look at guys wla agol 3anhom well their hot or what ever mn hal sowalif .. !!
shafita !! galatlii walla ya lwelo mo hayna ! in 7a6aitay 3ainich 3la a7ad it7i6inha 3adel !
yanait 3la il walad ! i wanted 2 know his name o shisawe ib our skool !
i tried not 2 think abt him ! but i couldnt !!

day after day i wait 4 him ! lawa3t chabd nour mn il 7anaa ! ;p
i liked him !! i jst wanted 2 know his name (a) ;p
lma that day he was there !!!
but this time kan labis black polo's and grey shorts,,
akhaih !! ;p
he's CUTE!!!!!!
i was walking 2 our car ! ana oo noury wla faj2a one of his friends esalim 3alina !
we that friend,, fa salam !
oo i was like mno hatha ily m3akom wagef?? o abtisim !
- him : khaled.. rfijna !
- me : aha ! oo sh3inda yay 3indina ?? eghazel ?? *giggle..
- him: la2 besafer now o yay esalim 3alina!
-me: aha !! wain ? *flirty face :p
- him: ilsharjah,, yadres hnak !
- me: MM.. alla ewafga!!! :)
-him: yalla bye o thakreni bagolich shay..
- me: shno ilshay??
-him : later;)
- me: ok ! bye

-noury: yadres bara * sad sace!!
-me: ee *sad face..
yalla ma 3alina !!!
-noury : ma 3alina huh ?? ;p
oo intay mayta 3alih??
-me: la walla mo mayta 3alih ! 3adi !! alla ewafga! bs kint abii a3aref lish kila eyi hni !
-noury: ka 3raftay !! yalla khanred ilbit im hungry o i wanna sleep!!
- me: inshalla ghadana 7lo 3ad ! *funny face ;p

days passes by and he's still on my mind,, cant stop thinking of him!!
and noury notices ! but she's not saying anything abt it !
she doesnt want 2 bother me !

1 week later !!

heeey lulu!!!!
i look back..
its 3abdalla,, khaled's friend..
faz galbii !!

- me : hala 3abod !
- 3abdalla: wainich mikhtafya ma ashofich !!
- me: im here inta ily ma esawem !! and i poked him !
- 3abdalla : hehe ! ee ! adrii ! a6africh !! *silly face..
-me: t3al ! shno kint bitgoli thak ilyom??
-3abdalla: kint bagolich 3n khalod !
i got gose bumps all over my body..
- me : what abt him??
-3abdalla: that day he asked me abt u !
-me: so??
-3abdalla: he was asking abt ur name o mno intay,, and stuff chithi u know !
- me: lish yis2al ??
-3abdalla: madrii i think he likes u !!
and he piked me !
-me: mo shay yded 7bibi *silly face!
-3abdalla: what do u mean?
- me: mno bga ma yabini ?? *silly face again
-3abdalla: hahaha!! very funny u little thing!!
as the bell rang announcing the next class starting i said yalla bye baro7 liclass, i dont want 2 be sent 2 the priceple office 3shanik *silly face
o amshi!

once i was far enough mina! eltifat 3la nouri o lamit.ha 7eeeel!!
e`67ikat o started calling me crazy!
and she said,, well girl its our beauty that makes our life easier and laughed out loud..